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Side A: AARON DILLOWAY - Live Inside Sutro Cave (21:32)

Recorded inside the Sutro Cave of San Francisco, CA, this is AARON DILLOWAY at his livest and scariest! You won't believe your ears (really, you won't!) when your ears see this living horror movie. Scenes from inside the crypt include (but are not limited to): an old man's teeth chattering, a crying baby, a charred worm corkscrewing into your dome, a party erupts ...and then the whistling. This is NOT the gentle rattling of tea cups! Windswept with sea air and performed in absolute darkness to a crowd of stunned nightcreeps, you MUST hear Live Inside Sutro Cave!!

Side B: JIM MORRISON - Melbourne, FL 8 ~ December 1943 ↝ ∞ (20:07)

Quite possibly the finest Doors bootleg in their entire catalog of illicit tapes, Melbourne, FL 8 ~ December 1943 ↝ ∞ is a compendium of "other voices" edited by SIKK LAFFTER - a rare side of James "Jim" Douglas Morrison and his rock troupe The Doors of Perception! 111% illegal and 112% certified cool, this recording should be banned in tens of countries if not twenties and almost wasn't pressed due to an abject amount of copyright violations. You could call it a collage but you may definitely call it a tapestry cuz this baby weaves.

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